Who’s sealview?

I have to admit, I want to write things only if they are positive, so here I go with my description. 😉

Well! Here I am!

I’m kinda struggling to learn, to create, to get free, to feel everything, to know, to smell, to hear, to see and not the last, to love.
Ever since I started to realize I exist, I felt like I should know/learn more.
So, I think the most interesting part is what I DO, not who I think I am.
Most of my time I design for web, sites, newsletters, landing pages, SMB applications. But there is another side too, where I’m designing for customers’ networks, infrastructure based on Linux and/or Windows platforms. There for I’m a Network Admin for many of my customers.

So enough with those craps!

If ya feel like need to know more about… just whistle! Yeah, whistle.


Be free! Say something!

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